Business Attraction


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Business Attraction

Economic Development is the sustained and collaborative strategy of the City to create jobs, generate revenue, and improve quality of life for residents, the business community and visitors of Glendale. A key component to that is Business Attraction.

18-Hour City

Our Vision is to establish an 18-Hour City. Activity doesn’t stop at 5 p.m. in Glendale. An 18-Hour City is a complete community that offers a blend of business, retail and residential use, and has a diverse mix of shops, restaurants, entertainment offices and walk to work housing from early morning late into the evening.  


  1. Establish Glendale as 18-Hour City, with an emphasis on downtown and nightlife activities. These include microbreweries, bowling alleys, bar and grills, comedy theater, and interactive art displays.
  2. Develop and Implement a Strategic Plan for the Cultivation of a Tech & Innovation Cluster.
  3. Strengthen Neighborhood Districts of Montrose, Kenneth Village, Sparr Heights and Adams Square.

Here’s how we will do it.

  • Business Concierge Services and Fast-Track Permitting
  • Broker Relationships and Site Selection Assistance
  • Utility Consultation
  • Connecting Expanding and Potential Businesses with Resources, such as: On-the-Job Training and other incentives from the Verdugo Workforce Development Center; hiring incentives available through the Employment and Development Department; and incentives available through the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development. Click here for a complete list of resources.
  • Marketing Support, including on our Newsletter, Twitter and Instagram @ChooseGlendale
  • Competitive Cost of Doing Business
  • Proactive Attraction Outreach, including trade show and conference attendance.

To schedule a meeting at one of these conferences or at the City of Glendale, call (818) 548-2005  or email