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Save Energy On Hot Days


Below are some tips to help you conserve during hot days:

  • Set your thermostat to 78 degrees.
  • Wait until 8 p.m. or later to use major appliances.
  • Use ceiling fans instead of your AC to stay cool when you're home.
  • Cook outdoors if possible to prevent heat from building up indoors.
  • Replace old incandescent bulbs with LED light bulbs. Most of the energy from incandescent bulbs is given off as heat.
  • Turn off lights in rooms that are not used.

Click here for more energy saving tips

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Join us for the next Customer Service in Your Neighborhood Event at the GCC Garfield Campus on September 30th from 10 am - 1 pm.

  • Make an electronic payment
  • Enroll in programs
  • Ask us questions

Attendees also receive a free conservation kit!

Glendale is now in Phase I of its Water Conservation Ordinance

Glendale has moved to Phase I of its Water Conservation Ordinance, allowing outdoor watering on any day of the week while promoting voluntary conservation. Customers are still required to adhere to Glendale's No Water Waste Policy which has multiple water use restrictions to help prevent the misuse of water. The policy is in effect at all times and includes:

  • Potable water shall not be used for hose washing of hardscapes
  • No overspray onto sidewalks or gutters
  • Decorative fountains can only be used with recirculation systems
  • Customers must fix leaks on their premises within 72 hours
  • No irrigation between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • No irrigation on windy days, when it is raining, or within 48 hours after it rains
  • Vehicle washing is restricted to use of a hand-held bucket and quick rinses using a hose with a positive shutoff nozzle.

Click here to view more details about the No Water Waste Policy.


Don't Fall Victim to Utility Scams


Utility fraud calls and scams can be convincing. Anyone can be at risk of getting scammed, but by knowing our procedures you can help prevent fraud and stay safe from scammers that want to steal your information. Below are some safety procedures to keep in mind:

  • We never ask for payments over the phone or at your home or business. Over the phone payments can only be made through our IVR system, never with a live person. If you receive a call asking to pay, hang up immediately.
  • We never visit residential customers to solicit program enrollment.
  • We never enter a home to check water quality. All water quality visits are scheduled with customers and the water is tested outdoors. No need to be present at the time of testing. 
  • All GWP employees carry photo identification and will display it when asked.

If you notice any suspicious activity near your residence or are contacted by someone collecting money or impersonating City personnel, please contact the Glendale Police Department at 818-548-4911 immediately. For more information on how to stay safe from scams click here.


Receive a FREE Smart Thermostat and In-Home Display!

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Enroll in Glendale Water & Power's In-Home Display and Thermostat Program to receive a Smart Thermostat and real-time energy and water display. Eligible customers will receive the CEIVA Homeview display, smart thermostat, and installation at no cost! Now you can control your thermostat and monitor your home's energy and water use from anywhere - and save money in the process. Click here to sign up


Download GWP's First Mobile App!

The free mobile app, called GWP – Mobile My Connect is an interactive app to help customers better manage their energy and water use on their SmartPhone, tablet or computer. Download the app today to view and pay your bills, see near real time water and electric usage, set budget goals, submit services requests, report outages and send messages to GWP and access solar panel and electric vehicle information. The app is available through the Google Play and the Apple Store. For more information, to download and see the user guide click here. To learn more about GWP's New Mobile App called Mobile My Connect. Watch our video below.